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Sea Games 2011 : Indonesia vs Thailand 3-1

      Sea Games 2011 : Indonesia national team U-23 Indonesia finally demonstrate to all the people that Indonesia could. Kemengan Indonesia are in print by Titus bonai, pattrick sinaga Wanggai and Ferdinand. With this win U-23 national team to ensure steps Semifinal after defeating Thailand with a score of 3-1 in the third match of Group A SEA Games in 2011, Sunday (13/11).

     Uncharacteristically, Indonesia U-23 national team started the match slowly. They actually dictated Thailand, which took the initiative to attack. As a result, the game was barely two minutes walk, Thailand has twice launched attacks that endanger the goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah.

      Not only great in attack, Thailand is also good in defense. Offside trap that was exhibited in foster care is a success coach Prapol Pongpanich reduce attacks Garuda Youth.

      At minute 6, Andik Vermansyah successfully break into the fortress of Thailand's defense by relying on its speed. However, cross Persebaya leveled players from Surabaya is still failed to use Patrich Wanggai. Despite failing to produce a goal, this attack becomes momentum resurrection of foster children Rahmad Darmawan this. Slowly but surely, Skuadra Young Garuda launched attack after attack to the defense of Thailand.

Garuda Indonesia Muda Skuadra attack that relies on speed Andik, Titus Bonai, Okto Maniani and Patrich Wanggai forcing the players violated Thailand to secure their defenses. As a result, since the minute 11, Thailand had to play with 10 players since Theratoon a second yellow card and must leave the field.

Superior number of players, Garuda Young intensified attack. In fact, two wing defenders Indonesia, Diego Michiels and Hasim Kipuw repeatedly do overlap to help the attack.

While we were busy attacking, defense Indonesia Thailand were struck by a counterattack. Minute 18, hard kick from distance Yooyen threatened goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga. Arema Malang goalkeeper was lucky and can still fly swiftly brushed off the ball away from the net.

At minute 33, an attack Young Garuda to fruition. Utilizing breakthrough bait Andik Vermansyah, Hasim Kipuw to puncture on the left side of Thailand's defense and sent a cross into the penalty box. Titus Bonai, free-standing, did not waste the opportunity and fired a header into the goal Thailand, which can not be anticipated Goalkeeper Tim White Elephant, Wongmeema Ukrit. Goals, positions 1-0 for excellence Garuda Youth.

Superior, the Garuda Skuadra penggawa Young eager to find the net again and add to their lead Thailand. Unfortunately, efforts by businesses Patrich Wanggai and his friends are still failing to meet targets. Until the referee Kim Jong hyeok from South Korea blew the whistle first round was over, the position remained 1-0 for the excellence Skuadra Garuda.

In the second half of Garuda Young actually perform quite confident. But unfortunately the catastrophe occurred in the 49th minute when Abdul Rahman to tackle Sarach Yooyen in the forbidden box. Needless to say, Kim Jong-hyeok referee pointed to the spot which was then put to good use by Ronnachai Rangsiyo to equalize.

After conceding the game slowly changing, Thailand began to find a rhythm game to pressure Indonesia's defense before the goalkeeper kicks Titus Bonai Ukrit threatened in the 59th minute.

Action Tibo apparently inspired his team-mates. Proved long ago, Patrich Wanggai managed to bring back ahead with a header utilizing a corner Melgiansyah Egi.

Not enough conceded, Thailand slumped again after they lost Ekkasit a red card after a hard tackle to Andik Vermansyah.

Playing with 9 players apparently did not dampen the spirit of Thai players. Players of the White Elephant country is still able to exert pressure on the defense skuadra young eagle. But precisely this is a blunder for Thailand.

Through a scheme of rapid counter-attack. Patrich Wanggai that terkawal on the front lines to provide a horizontal cross Sinaga Ferdinand scored the third goal for Indonesia in the 90th minute. Indonesia closed the match with a 3-1 victory over Thailand.

This victory brought Indonesia to ensure semi-final round of qualifying. While Thailand for the first time in the event the SEA Games despite an early exit still has one game remaining.

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